Success Stories

Justice Served After a Rape Ordeal

My name is Anne. I was about 22 years old when I came to the LACE office. I had been raped by my uncle. I underwent three HIV tests after this ordeal. The first test which was conducted on March 23, 2009 showed that I was HIV negative. I later had two subsequent tests conducted approximately three months after the first test and the test results confirmed that I was HIV positive.

LACE applied to the court requesting that the, my uncle, the accused to be subjected to a compulsory test. The test was conducted and the results confirmed that the accused person was indeed HIV positive. The court sentenced the accused to serve a total of seven years imprisonment.

Finally Irene Receives Support for Her Kids and Herself

I was pregnant in 2004 and during one of my antenatal clinic visits I was informed that I was HIV positive. When I disclosed this message to my husband he immediately resigned from his employment, stopped providing for his children. He deserted us and our rented matrimonial home and went to reside in a different district.

LACE helped me file for a child maintenance support case. LACE was able to successfully attach my husband’s benefits so that I would receive regular maintenance directly from each of his paychecks. With the money that I received, I was able to purchase a one-acre piece of land in Simat, Kapsaret division of Wareng district.

Mercy’s Nightmare Turns to Joyful Moments

My name is Mercy. I am a mother of three and I am HIV positive. My husband evicted me and our three children in 2004 from our rented matrimonial home and soon remarried. I was unemployed and was left to fend for my three children despite my husband’s regular income who was permanently employed as a teacher.

In April 2009, I decided to remind my ex-husband to pay our children’s school fees. However, instead of agreeing to my request and assist me in raising the school fees he decided to have me arrested and charged in court with creating disturbances.

LACE successfully represented me and the court revoked my alleged offense. LACE also managed to revive and enforce a children maintenance order which were now in favor of me and my children.

Martha and His Son Now Have a Place To Call Home

I have been a widow since 1996 when my husband passed away due to HIV-related complications. In 2006, my brother-in-law evicted me from my home and we became squatters, me and my son.

LACE filed a lawsuit on my behalf on November 25, 2010. I later received a consent which was recorded by both the advocates and the parties on December 9, 2010. I am currently occupying my home.

Michael Gets His Suit after a Long Wait and Despair

I had entered into a contract with a tailor sometime in November 2010. The tailor agreed to make two suits at a total cost of Kshs.5,400 and I was to collect them in two weeks time. I paid off the tailor a deposit of Kshs. 3,300 and left a balance of Kshs.2,100. A year later, neither had I received my suit nor reimbursement of the deposit that I had paid earlier. I had completely lost hope of ever obtaining justice.

LACE intervened and they wrote a demand letter to the tailor. The tailor responded immediately and delivered one suit to LACE offices. I agreed to clear the outstanding balance owed to the tailor and he made me the second suit, ready for collection.

Leah and His Children Are No Longer Homeless and Hungry

I am a HIV positive widow with three children. When my husband died of AID, he left behind a small piece of farmland which was the family’s only property and source of income. However, my in-laws forced me and my children out of the land. We were left homeless and hungry.

LACE was able to go to court and secure our rights to the property which was the only source of income for me and my children.