Vision & Objectives

Despite LACE's escalating caseload, the vast majority of Kenyans in this region are not able to access legal aid. LACE’s plan to build on the existing model of integration within the large AMPATH structure includes the following five objectives:

  • Expanding Direct Services. HIV-positive AMPATH patients will be trained as paralegals and assigned to satellite offices connected to AMPATH clinics in rural areas of western Kenya. The paralegals at these new LACE sites will provide direct legal services under the supervision of LACE’s advocate legal director, and will refer matters to LACE’s pro bono advocates when attorney intervention is needed.
  • Enhancing Internal Capacity. LACE made a quick and effective start in its launch, but word of our success has triggered a significant demand for legal services. In our office at AMPATH’s Eldoret clinic, LACE needs to enhance our paralegal and equipment capabilities, including such basic needs as a photocopier, computer printer and mobile phone, to meet the increased demand for access to justice for our clients.
  • Building the Human Rights Capacity of the Kenyan Legal Community. The Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis has made a generous commitment to provide an annual scholarship valued at over $30,000 for an exceptional Moi University School of Law graduate to pursue an LL.M. degree in human rights law from Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis. We are seeking matching support for the related transportation and living expenses for graduate study, along with salary support for each graduate to work one year for LACE upon their return to Kenya.
  • Building Community Capacity. The ideal way to protect a poor person’s human rights is to prevent those rights from being violated in the first place. LACE’s staff and network of volunteer advocates and law students will be mobilized to train elders, chiefs and other community leaders in the basics of legal rights, so those leaders can be empowered to effectively mediate disputes and refer people to LACE for formal legal assistance when appropriate.
  • Enhancing Capacity to Respond to Gender-Based Violence. LACE would like to hire part-time counsel who would be dedicated to work with the Centre for Assault Recovery – Eldoret(CAR-E)-referred survivors of violence to ensure that justice is pursued in these cases. This attorney will work with the CAR-E medical staff to make community presentations about the law associated with gender-based violence, prevention of such assaults, and how to protect rights if assaults occur.